Chad Moore

Animator & Comedian


I picked up this exercise from my therapist. When I’m really anxious and shutting down, this helps me a lot. Apparently stress and anxiety overwhelm your big part of your brain. The prefrontal cortex. That’s where we strategize and plan.When it shuts down, the “lizard brain”, the small brain takes over. It’s responsible for fight or flight. These days, thankfully for most of us it doesn’t mean fleeing from or punching a tiger. But it can make us prone to distractions and give into our basic instincts, which may not be helpful at any given moment.This exercise is fast and easy to do. It can actually be fun, as your lizard brain goes back to rest, and your big brain gets to come back alive.

Three Calming Breaths

Breathing exercises are the foundation of meditation, but don’t let that give you pause. Deep focused breathing, weather you call it meditation or not, helps get oxygen into your blood and can change your emotional state. I do these short breathing exercises before or after stressful meetings, or really anytime I can safely close my eyes and spend 30 seconds paying attention to my breathing.


A weird, fun, and quick exercise to get yourself out of a funk.


Chad Moore onstage telling absurd stories to strangers.

I stand on a stage and tell absurd stories to strangers. You can find me performing improv, standup, and sketch comedy in and around Portland Maine, and Portsmouth, New Hampshire.


Creatively, I am "heads down" working on a new project. I'm not 100% sure what it is right now, but I do know it's the biggest thing I've ever tried. So I'm pretty quiet these days. If you want to follow along and have laugh and or a chat, join my newsletter.