A Quiet Place

I watched the film with my Son and Daughter. It was really the first thriller/horror film we’ve watched together. Ever since they fell in love with Stranger Things, they’ve been more interested in the Genre. Plus, maybe they’re just getting to the age where they can handle the bumps in the night.

Previously, they struggled with anything intense in a show or movie. But it looks like they’re experimenting more. I’m so glad they took a chance on this one with me.

A New Favorite

This film became a favorite of mine immediately. No Spoilers; it was clever, tense, and the music really added to the film too. All around A+ or big thumbs up or whatever.

Post-film discussion

After the film ended we had a good conversation. Again no spoilers, but we were talking about what the film was really about. I said something like this…

This movie is about parenthood. Teaching your children how to live in the world, and watching as they adapt to it and one day teach you something about the world.

I can’t really say more, but I really do think the film works on multiple levels. Of course, my kids aren’t parents so they have a different take.

Great film, and a good discussion afterwards. Recommended.