Though the days, months or sometimes years go by, I’m lucky to have a small group of friends whom I can jump right back in” with. Hearing their voice and picking up a conversation without considering the time and geography is wonderful.

We talk about our lives, creativity, projects, art, politics, etc. When we hang up I always feel energized, and full of new ideas. It’s a much longer and deeper status update.

I’ve been trying and failing to meet the Every 6 Weeks scheduling idea. I really don’t have much availability for calls from 9-5 Eastern. I have a family, side projects and hobbies to attend to outside of that time as well.


Why do I feel I need to make a project out of calling friends anyhow? There’s all kinds of services and products for calendar booking, and web chats, but do I need any of them?

Can’t I pick up the phone and just dial a friend? I think to myself, that’s not how we communicate anymore. It’s invasive to just call someone out of the blue. We need to 1) touch base via txt/chat 2) plan via email 3) book via calendar software (and likely reschedule) then we can have the call. That’s the way to do it now, right?

I’m thinking what if one of my friends called me out of the blue? What a little gift that would be.

What’s the worst that could happen

Maybe my friends will be too busy to pick up and I’ll leave a voicemail. Maybe they’ll call me back, maybe not. We’ll pick up again some other time on some other channel. I tell myself to not overcomplicate it.

The Script

I’m Still tinkering with my opening statement, as this I’m just calling people I like” thing may be awkward at first. But again, I’m trying not to overcomplicate things. I’ve modified the script from Tech and Coffee.

We don’t talk often, but when we do, we both say we should do this more often,” and we both mean it. Instead of trying to coordinate a call, I’m taking time out to pick up the damn phone. If you have time now great, if not call me back when you can.

So I’ll lead with that or a similar statement. At worst I may exchange voicemails with friends. That’s not so bad, I think.

I figure I can reach out to a new person once a week. But there I go planning something that used to be so effortless.