Outcomes and Output

Someone posts an illustration for feedback and they get questions like:

What tool did you use to do that?

Not How did you do that. How did you pick the colors? Deal with consistency of line width? Did you do this early in the morning or late at night?

Process questions are asked later, if at all. That’s because we’re all conditioned that any creative output just flies out of creative peoples fingertips. No one sees the backstage, they just see the onstage. They see the output (the drawing) but not the outcomes (what the artist did and learned during the process). We’re marketed to this way.

This next iPhone’s camera is way better than the last! If I only had that I could do real iPhone photography.

This feeds the feelings of inferiority. Insert any creative endeavor in place of illustration and drawing here. The gardener, the software engineer, the startup founder; they all deal with this.

On this site, I intend to show the output and talk about the outcomes a bit more.