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Here are some examples of my animation and sketchnote work.


Drawn and animated in Procreate, and syncronized and rendered in Keynote (off all things).


I picked up this exercise from my therapist. When I’m really anxious and shutting down, this helps me a lot. Apparently stress and anxiety overwhelm your big part of your brain. The prefrontal cortex. That’s where we strategize and plan. When it shuts down, the “lizard brain”, the small brain takes over. It’s responsible for fight or flight.

These days, thankfully for most of us it doesn’t mean fleeing from or punching a tiger. But it can make us prone to distractions and give into our basic instincts, which may not be helpful at any given moment. This exercise is fast and easy to do. It can actually be fun, as your lizard brain goes back to rest, and your big brain gets to come back alive.

Three Calming Breaths

Breathing exercises are the foundation of meditation, but don’t let that give you pause. Deep focused breathing, weather you call it meditation or not, helps get oxygen into your blood and can change your emotional state. I do these short breathing exercises before or after stressful meetings, or really anytime I can safely close my eyes and spend 30 seconds paying attention to my breathing.

The Funkbuster

Some years ago I learned a fun exercise geared toward helping novice improv performers “shake off the day” and get into a good mindset to begin improv class. My teacher, Tara, stated that this exercise was also good for moments when you weren’t feeling so great.

It’s physical, you have to stand up. It starts with something easy, then adds in a bit more complex part that kinda kick-starts your brain. But it’s really simple, easy, and silly.

I’ve used this over the years for when I’m a little anxious and want to refocus, or to generally bust out of a low energy or low motivation time. Or when I’m just overwhelmed. When I’m in a funk. Hence I’m calling it “The Funkbuster”.

Tara never named this, so I’m taking a liberty here. Thanks for teaching me this Tara. I hope you don’t mind The Funkbuster name, but it’s better than “the crazy arm thing Tara taught me” which I was calling this in my head.


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