Productive, Healthy, Connected

I’ve gotten some good advice to focus on the things that make me feel productive, healthy, and connected (to others) and the rest is noise.

I’ve put that sentence into my daily journaling app. It’s nice to use the simple sentence as a reminder when I start my day, and a way to reflect when I close down for the day.

I’ve just grabbed another copy of MBSs How to Begin book. I look forward to going through the exercises to help me figure out what’s next.

I’m still employed, thankfully, after a brutal round of layoffs. Still writing and performing Sketch Comedy as well as Improv. But I feeel this rumbling in my belly to think through some big things to work on. A project to take on. Behaviors to tinker with.

I cycle thorugh Graphic Recording, learning the Guitar, taking on more coaching clients, and some other creative pursuits. But I thing the most important thing I can do right now if to focus on my health. Physical, mental, and spritual.

More to come.