Recently, this post reminded me of this great book.

I read The Laws of Simplicity a couple years ago. I noted then that this was a great (and fast) read and that I should re-read it every so often. Looks like now is that time.

I’ve been trying to build a mindfullness habit. This includes not being distracted in a general sense, and all the way up to a meditation practice.

It’s tough, because … Squirrel!


One of the best ways I’ve found to simplify and be more mindful is to reduce the non-essential things. Here’s a recent example, and by no means am I am expert. But pay attention to this when your next on you’re computer… How many times do you see the same image or words from the same people on more than one social media outlet? Do you need that redundancy? I sure as hell don’t. Cut out the non-essential.

So I unfollowed some people here and there, because I see them elsewhere. Also, over the years I’ve deactivated my facebook account like 10 times and reactivated it a month later. I use facebook primarily for messenger. To talk to my friends. So instead of disactivating or deleting my profile totally, I kept the messenger app on my phone, but deleted the main facebook app.

The goal I have to reduce the number of redundant things and make more opportunity and space for creating, not consuming.