What would I hate not doing?

When deciding what to do in life, I find it helpful to ask what do I hate not doing? If I was to remove everything, what would I hate not doing the most?

From Ali Abdaal interviewing Derek Silvers.

Imagine if you had all the money, safety, security, and satisfaction in life. Everything you and your grandkids grandkids could ever want or need. Whatever that looks like for you.

What would you hate not doing then?

I enjoy this flipped model. Instead of asking Why am I here and What’s my purpose. Flip that, and ask What would I hate not doing.

My own answer to this is to help creative people do their work. Something like that. Could that be a job or career? Sure. I do that sometimes at my own job now, and have for years in previous companies and roles.

But it’s not all I do for work. So the next question is how do I do this more often?