Chad’s blog
January 24th, 2024

Planning to Be Water

I tried to make an animation based on the above video called “Be Water” by Bruce Lee. At the time, the tools I were using weren’t cooperating, and I never finished the piece. I used procreate to create the animations, and keynote (of all things) to try to sequence the animations and audio clip.

This process wasn’t great for the other videos I created this way, and it fell apart with the introduction of the audio clip. I couldn’t get the audio into Keynote and everything to sequence. So I left it alone for a bit.
A poor craftsperson blames their tools.
There’s some truth to that, I could have used another tool. But really I got distracted and felt fine leaving it be for a while.

Well procreate has a new animation app that has all the features I was missing back then. This Friday is payday so I’m going to buy it (it’s only 20$, one time purchase! No subscriptions!). I plan to learn the app, then try to finish up the Be Water animation.