Chad Moore

I'm interested in woodworking, Improv comedy, writing fiction, playing bass guitar and blogging. I'm a parent and husband living on the wonderful Seacoast of New Hampshire. I grew up on Long Island and have lived in Florida (for way too long), San Diego (for just the right amount of time), and Manila (all too briefly).

I'm working hard to do less with technology; turn off notifications, do more things on paper, etc. My blog Where the Light Gathers runs on and this site is made with Carrd.

I'm a long suffering fan of the New York Islanders hockey team.

As for work, I'm a project manager at a Strategic Design Consultancy and co-founder of an online school teaching the technology of 3D animation.


Thanks for dropping by.

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Chad Moore

Inspired by /now, these are the things I am currently working on.

Updated Tuesday, September 04, 2018.

Aside from my day job, I'm studying Improv, writing fiction and reading a lot.

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