Chad Moore

I'm a coach who helps creative people like you push past their boundaries.

About you

Are you a creative person looking to develop and hold clarity, purpose, and meaning in your work? To grow your skills and relationships?

Do you feel:
Afraid to fail and to succeed?Stuck? You feel a change is needed but you're not sure what it is.Like you are having trouble understanding what you're longing to create?

About me

I can help. I've been there too. It turns out my own answers to the above questions lead me to guiding others.

What people say about my coaching

  • You definitely helped me stay positive that I can eventually do it as long as I didn't give up. thanks ... I wouldn't have made it this far without you ...

  • You work best by helping creative people do their best work.

  • I think the way you engage with people is non-threatening, even when engaging around uncomfortable subject matter.

  • What strikes me most is how thoughtful you are, When we are discussing a scenario, it is clear that you have given it a lot of thought and include many perspectives in your considerations.

Curious? Let's talk ...

I was reluctant about formalizing a 'coaching' practice. But, I've been doing this for twenty five years as a manager and in other ways in my life.

I have had experiences on both sides of the coaching coin. I know what its like to have a conversation so moving, it brought me such a strong sense of clarity and purpose. I know how to facilitate a conversation like that for you too.

Let's arrange a free, one hour call so you can experience it too.