👋 I'm Chad and I am a comedian.

I write and perform sketch comedy. Also, I animate, and draw ideas and take weird analog photos.


I write and perform sketch comedy with Maine's fourth or fifth best sketch comedy group, Hey Party People!Here’s our show from November, 2022.

I wrote the sketch called “The Great Reframer”.

Here's our show from August, 2022.

I wrote the sketch called “Totes Preesh”.


I stand on a stage and tell absurd stories to strangers.


I created animated instructions for three mindfulness exercises.

I worked as an animator in video game development for 20 years. Some career and creative highlights:

  • Shipped over 40 Playstation games, many updates to two PC MMO's, and two iPhone games.

  • Co-founded Rigging Dojo, and online school that “Teaches the art and science of character rigging”.

  • I’ve worked on everything from Lord of the Rings, to Star Wars, to DC Superhero’s and within many other great worlds.

  • Gave a talk at GDC called "UX for Technical Artists".

  • Gave a talk at Siggraph called "The Animator Toolkit for Motiuon Builder".


For as long as I can remember my notes have had doodles in them. I learned that these are called Sketchnotes, and can be used to capture and share ideas. The skethnoters mantra is "Draw Ideas" not make art. Sketchnotes are useful to communicate and facilitate conversations as well. I do a lot of facilitation at my day job. Participants find it fun and engaging to see and work with doodles on the virtual or physical whiteboards.

Weird analog photography

I recently returned to the world of analog photography. I found the weirdest camera I could, and love the fact that you never know what you're going to get!


PS - Sporadically, and sometimes intelligently, I write about animation, comedy, mindfulness, and whatever other interests I have at the moment.