I’ve done it a bunch but driving into Boston over the Tobin bridge still takes my breath away. Great views of the city.

I often can’t remember where I read something and often feel bombarded with information. It makes my brain tired and as I read somewhere but (case in-point) can’t recall the source:

If you constantly put other people’s ideas in your head you won’t have time to make your own.

Cutting back on inputs in RSS today.

Standup comedy class 1 of 4 just wrapped up. Seems like a great, diverse group of folks. Looking forward to the homework and performance.

I’ve just signed up for a four week “couch to mic” class. It culminates in a three minute standup comedy performance. A funny thing happened to me on the way to this blog post…

Question for folks who modify their micro.blog themes. I understand how to edit css and style an existing theme. But how do you change the structure of one (like remove a sidebar for example) with the tools on micro.blog?

A note from a discussion with a good friend about the Rise of Skywalker. but I might care too much about space samurais fighting with laser swords. Lol trying to be more self aware about my irrational interest in Star Wars.

I just tried to reheat my water bottle in the microwave and fill up my half empty coffee cup with cold water from the sink. It’s gonna be a great day everybody!

Need more good old funk in your Christmas? May I suggest James Brown’s It’s a Funk Christmas for all your feel good, feet moving, and bottom shaking Holiday needs.

In iPadOS Messages there is a button that lets you draw with the pencil to post your reply via an image. It would be great if that was adopted more throughout the system to other apps. And the killer feature would be for it to OCR!

I was going to write my thoughts on “dumb phones” or a create only phone as I am leaning towards calling the concept. But I drew it instead.