No Zero Days

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. →


Are you in a funk? Learn how to bust it. →

Three Calming Breaths

Breathe →


Get that prefrontal cortex back in the drivers seat →

App Defaults

Software I am using →


We can't see the future, we can create it. →

Productive, Healthy, Connected

Productive, Healthy, Connected, the rest is noise. →

The reward for our work is not what we get, but what we become

What am I becoming because of my work? →

Comedy news

October 2023 is full of laughs →

I made a Sketchnote today and you can too

How I make visual notes aka Sketchnotes →


footbridge →

Inside blogball

tech mumbo jumbo →

The Vertical Breath, Arrival, and a Lawn Chair

When racket (dot) com was a great and simple podcast like app I recorded a couple little podcasts. This is the first one I made, and I was reminded →

You are the one that hears it

There is nothing more important to true growth than realizing you are not the voice of the mind - - you are the one that hears it. Michael A. Singer →

It just is

Today I learned (or realized I already knew) that the monkey mind’s consistent chatter is neither wrong or right. It just is. The I, the listener of →

Good Enough Job

Pick two →

Run to discomfort

When we are uncomfortable, we tend to distract ourselves. Food, drink, sex, social media, and other thin desires. We distract ourselves from what →


I wanna feel the change consume me, feel the outside turning in →

Ripples in space and time

All of a sudden, we know that we are humming in tune with the entire universe, that each of us contains the signature of everything that has ever →

Self-help synthesized

I found this article called Every self-help book ever, boiled down to 11 simple rules to be quite good. Reading through this helped me make my →

Back to school

I’ve committed to pursuing a Psychology degree starting in the fall of 2023. It should take 1-2 years depending on workload. Then I’ll look into a →

Dead Influencers

The “influencers” I’m most interested in are not on social media. Some of them died long before the internet was invented. Here’s a list of people →

You are a wave

Before you were you, you existed in some unknowable body of water. Some forces came together and caused a joining and you become you. And you →

Sprocket Rocket Photos - June 2023

Weird analog photos, June 2023 Edition. →

Sprocket Rocket Photos - Spring 2023

Weird analog photos, Early Spring 2023 Edition. →

Four Thousand Weeks


The Vertical Breath

I’m fascinated by the concept of the vertical breath. As I understand it right now, this concept flips what we traditionally think of regarding →




I was going to update this sketchnote digitally. To clean it up and play with some colors and lettering. Now I think I’ll just let it be. Analog is →

The longest, most uncomfortable silence in history

Yesterday, at work, I asked a group of people some questions that caused “the longest, most uncomfortable silence in history” according to one →

A single drop of water on the stone

One drop of water landing upon a stone doesn’t do much to erode the stone. One drop of water, landing every minute of the day, for 100 years does. →

Outcomes and Output

Someone posts an illustration for feedback and they get questions like: “What tool did you use to do that”? Not “How did you do that”. How did you →


The definition we tell ourselves of Introvert is “I do not like being around people”. And an Extravert is self-defined as “I do like being around →

What would I hate not doing?

When deciding what to do in life, I find it helpful to ask what do I hate not doing? If I was to remove everything, what would I hate not doing the →


I posted this to Facebook this morning. There’s a place I visit, a little too often. It’s free to get into and I sometimes see and talk with friends →

Great Minds


Make Them Feel


Part One - We need your stories

Things are hard for people who make their living creating. Especially now. I write this on Thursday, April 29, 2020. The entire world is being →

Part Two - Design

Welcome back. Hope you’re well. Today I wanted to talk about design. In two aspects. How you present yourself and your products or services, and how →

Part Three - Your website

Hey, thanks for sticking around for part three. We’re going to talk about doing some work today! Let me know if you have questions so far. Before we →

Part Four - Blog

Hi, welcome to part 4. Today’s all about the blog. First a bit about blogs, specifically personal blogs. Then I’ll talk about four blogging tools. →

Part Five - Pointing, reading, and robots

Hey. Welcome back. Today, Part 5 of 5, we talk about a couple things. First how to point a website you’ve made with a service like I’ve mentioned to →

Monkey Mind on the Mountain

I’ve been skiing three or four times in my life until this year. The previous attempts didn’t end well due to my own self doubt, and my lack of →


Though the days, months or sometimes years go by, I’m lucky to have a small group of friends whom I can “jump right back in” with. Hearing their →


Last night, my wife and I were getting ready to go out for a date night. Just a quick dinner, at our favorite casual place, which is just a mile →

A Quiet Place

I watched the film with my Son and Daughter. It was really the first thriller/horror film we’ve watched together. Ever since they fell in love with →

The Other Direction

The newest episode of CoreInt brought up two interesting points in terms of Software Development. I’m paraphrasing a lot below: Smaller feature set, →


is the great equalizer. Time doesn’t care about your race, color, religion, politics, job, kinks, class, social status. Or any other thing we →

The Art of 3D Modeling at Digital Portsmouth

Last night I spoke a bit about how 3D models are used in games. Thanks to Josh Cyr and Monte Bohanan for having me for the Digital Portsmouth event. →

Leadership for Animators (and other creative people too)

I gave a talk on Leadership for Animators (and other creative people too) for the AniMAtic Boston group last week. You can find them on FaceBook on →


Rob Hope posted a nice note on Motivation. I fall on and off the wagon with what he’s mentioned in point 1 and 2 too much. I’m not doing enough of →

100 years

In 1992 or so, I took my first photography class at a community college in south Florida. My teacher at the time taught me two things that have →

First things first

I’m starting these articles to help writers be more efficient and keep their work safe. These articles aren’t about the craft of writing, they’ll →

I am not a Minimalist

I’ve been interested in minimalism for several years. Although I am no Minimalist. A lot of the blogs and books I read on minimalism are about →

Backstage vs. onstage

I heard a great episode of the always solid Back to Work podcast recently. In which Merlin Mann relayed a phrase he heard from the novelist Patrick →

Ideas are cheap

I once told an animator that ideas are cheap. He was offended as he thought I said his ideas weren’t good. At the time, he was working with a →

Kid A, Owls, and perfect pens.

I’ve been thinking a lot about change, and building habits. Seems like the single thing that stops me from doing the work is fear. I wrote about →

I am uncomfortable, which is good.

In my quest to stop finding the perfect pen, I came across an interesting thought about making the time and space to practice. I’ve known for a →

The perfect pen

I spent time on learning and trying a new tool. This consisted of reading articles, downloading and figuring out trial software. I stopped, went →


I’m a fan of Daniel Pink. His book Drive is one of my all time favorites, I talked a bit about it before. He’s recently started up some short →