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Chad Moore

A newsletter to understand transformation

Hi, I'm Chad.

My newsletter is sent once a week, on Sundays. I explore themes of personal change and living mindfully. I'll touch on meditation, creativity, and working with personal transformations. My goals are to:

  • Share my personal stories of the work I'm doing for myself. The transformations I'm working through.
  • Share what changes I am seeing in others - what I'm observing around me, and the people I serve through my coaching practice.
  • Share techniques and tools for you to think through your own transformations.

Join us! 👇

Recent Posts

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Digital Painting

I've been tinkering with some digital painting again. I've mostly followed this nice tutorial from Nate Kadlac. The process I've landed on is to grab a picture, draw over it with a pencil or pen. Fill in the shapes with a color. Make a layer for the shadows, set it

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Here's a short story about poor storytelling.

Here's a short story about poor storytelling. I used to think the frameworks of storytelling were prescriptive. The Hero’s journey, the three act structure, Harmon’s story circle, etc. I thought things should be happening according to the formula. I learned that I had it all backwards. The job

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