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Daily Doodle.

Bug #mbaug

The only thing I can stick to is not sticking to anything.

Floating #mbaug

It’s weird hockey, but it’s hockey. Let’s go Islanders!! 🏒

Love the idea of interstitial journaling, but can’t find the right app for me for that practice. Back to the notebook! I’ll miss backlinks and the graph as those features really are game changing, for me. But pen and paper will always work.

Up #mbaug

Digital declutter update: cancelled an email service, as I have a cheaper one though my domain registrar. Unfollowed a lot of people and non-person entities all over the web. less is more

Currently reading: How to do Nothing by Jenny Odell 📚

I first came across this kind of representation of the Hero’s Journey from Adam Connor. Usefull for teams to plan user journeys, or team building for themselves.

I came across this somewhere in my internet travels this week. I’ve been looping this for a couple days. Love the juxtaposition of high tech recording equipment and the overall calming and considerate presence of Mr. Akasaka. And the improvised performance is sorta magical.…

Two Daily Doodle prompts today. They pair nicely together, I think

Lunchtime practice

I really miss practicing Improv. The classes and jams have made me a more mindful person. You have to be completely in the moment and practice active listening or else the scene falls apart. That practice of being present helped me while performing, and in real life. I just can’t do the online improv thing. I am in front of a computer all day (thankfully I still have my day job!) and I can’t seem to get past the fact of not being in the same physical space for performing. I should check in with the other improvisers I know to see how they’re doing with all this.

Been way too long since I did a Daily Doodle. Felt good to jump back in.

In tonight’s Master Mind Failure Club, I spoke about a creative project I really wanted to take on for a new challenge, but for several reasons (overcommitted being the primary) I just couldn’t commit to. Someone asked if I would be able to find a similar challenge later, or was this a drop everything and do it moment? That makes sense with the “hell yeah or no” mantra I’m reading about. A great question that helped me understand the output of the work, and the urgency and importance of doing it.

I have put together a coaching/consulting service for indie devs. Looking for feedback now, free initial consult at Small Agile.

So many tools and techniques for being more productive focus on efficiency. Do more. Do it faster. Tie these things together to reduce clicks! What’s focused on being more effective ? Tools are boring. Process is interesting.

I don’t think I like the phrase “Burn the Ships”. I believe it is a part of colonialism that killed many indigenous people. (I need to research this). I’ve heard the phrase used in the workplace. Yuck.

Anyway, I’m considering leaving behind a lot in my digital life. Things that got me to where I am now, but I don’t want to have the option to return to.

Sometimes I really do sound like Perd Hapley.

I’ve learned the idea, or more accurately had the concept reinforced that one should keep each post you write to one idea. So that’s the idea of this post, and the previous couple.

The only true clear thing we have is the right now. The past is our opinion of what has already happened. The future is our ideas of what might happen.

I’m having a lot of trouble figuring out a hobby. Something I do just to do, without the idea that I have to turn it into a side hustle. Or to gain some kind of status from. I’m wondering if that’s one of the things that keeps me from committing to the things I might want to do as a hobby. I’m looking at you Bass Guitar sitting over near my desk.