Hi, I'm Chad Moore. I am a writer, consultant, improv actor, and podcaster.

Current Projects:
Rigging Dojo I'm a cofounder of this online school that teaches the art and science of computer animation. Shortform a podcast about learning and practicing improv. TechArtJam a podcast about the people who create the technical aspects of computer animation.Where the Light Gathers is where you can find my writing and courses on helping creative people master their digital tools.

Happy to say hi via email. Check out my personal blog.

Inspired by /now, these are the things I am currently working on.

Updated Thursday, November 08, 2018.

I'm studying Improv, and focusing on microcasting (short podcasts).
Shortform is about learning and practicing short form improv comedy.TechArtJam is about the technical aspects of computer animation and the people who do that work.

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