Hi, I’m Chad Moore.

I am a creative person who lives on the Seacoast of New Hampshire. I write about ideas and creativity on my blog. This is what I'm focused on now. Send me an email.

Where Light Gathers

Come join us by the campfire. We’ll sit and talk about our creative work; It’s challenges, pluses, and surprises.

Small Agile

I can help you ship your indie projects faster and better by discovering new ideas, rethinking your problems, and helping you get to done. Find out more at Small Agile.

Rigging Dojo

Rigging Dojo teaches the art and science of Character Rigging (the technical aspects of 3D animation).


I'm focusing on a service for indie developers and working on updating the Rigging Dojo website.

Figuring out how I can help chip away at systematic racism. Looking for ways to spend my attention and time to make connections to people.

Also thinking hard about detaching hobbies from side hustles, cause if I try to monetize the hobby, it's not a hobby anymore.

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