Chad Moore

Coach, comedian, sketchnoter, animator.

My Principle

Creativity should not be stunted by our own limiting beliefs, inefficient processes or habits forced upon us.

I feel it’s my duty to use whatever skills and knowledge I have to prevent or help regain that loss of creativity.


I help leaders in creative spaces to develop and hold clarity, purpose, and meaning in their work. To grow their skills and relationships. So they can make meaningful shared experiences and works of art.

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Check out my thoughts about creativity and maintaining a growth mindset Where Light Gathers.


❝ You work best by helping creative people do their best work. ❞

❝ I think the way you engage with people is non-threatening, even when engaging around uncomfortable subject matter. ❞

❝ What strikes me most is how thoughtful you are, When we are discussing a scenario, it is clear that you have given it a lot of thought and include many perspectives in your considerations ❞

I explore my own creativity by animating, sketchnoting, and performing standup comedy.


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