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Hi, I'm Chad.

I'm constantly thinking about three things:

Being Present

Our past is a dream, tomorrow is uncertain. All we have is this moment, right now. There's a concept called The Veritcal Breath that I am just beginning to understand.

It's about changing the mental model of our timelines from a horizontal line (to the left is the past, and to the right is the future) to a vertical one.

Where our past (memories, skewed by time and our perceptions) and our future (uncertain, clouded by our hopes, goals, fears) don't really exist but are with us right now.

I'll be learning and writing more on this as it's fascinating to me.


Change is moving from one state to another. Transformation includes the actions and behaviors one needs to adopt to make the change, and the outcomes of the change. I talk a lot about this with my coaching clients. I am working on major transformations in my self.


Laughter connects us. It opens new pathways in our mind. And, it's the best medicine. Well, real medicine is the best medicine, humor is a close second.


I also am interested in analog photography, the New York Islanders, the Gentleman Bastard Sequence, and sharing taco recipies.