I’ll defend Weight’s statement as he was blaming the team for lack of atmosphere, not the fans. I can’t understand why he won’t adjust the 3rd or 4th lines, or the defensive system however. Everyone calling for #snowmustgo when has a GM been fired at this point in the season? With this much on the line? Tavares, 2 first round picks. I’m not defending Snow, just curious. #isles

Anyone know of some good walkthroughs/tutorials/docs for the awesome Workflow iOS App? Looking to automate some things.

About half way through this one. It’s a good refresher and I’ve learned a couple new things too. Makes me want to reread Back of the Napkin as well. 📚

Finished Artemis by Andy Weir on audiobook. I give it a resounding “meh”. The setting, plot and science were fun. Characters were a bit one dimensional. It was fun, for what it is. I found the narration odd at first, but it either got better or I got used to it. 🎧 📚

Do I know any Boston area game programmers looking for a job at a startup? Studio is in Lawrence MA. Game Systems, C#, Unity, 3D Math, Maya python a plus. Let me know.

Has anyone tried to change their Echo’s Wake Word to “Siri”? Wait, better question … Has anyone tried to do that and lived to tell about it?