• Hello, San Antonio.

  • First fire in the new home’s fireplace. Coffee by the crackling fire is pretty great.

  • I was grateful that Facebook had given me the chance to talk to an unknown relation, but awed and disconcerted by its apparent omniscience.

    Talk about a double edged sword. This is the reason I flip-flop between keeping and deleting my Facebook account. Also, why I’d like the Amazon Echo, but am disturbed by the always-on listening for data collection.


  • The copy / paste across devices (iOS and Sierra) is really nice. I’m a clipboard manager user (currently FlyCut on MacOS). Wondering how long until multi-copy/paste will be a default in the OS?

  • Have you seen the screen shot markup tools in iOS 11 yet? The drawing tools are pretty handy.

  • Trying to simplify and reduce distractions.

  • Hey Siri, remind me every time I’m browsing a website that has a comment section to not read the comments.

  • Right before sunrise this morning. Winslow Campground, Freeport, Maine. This picture does not do it justice.

  • I think I just microcasted!? Recorded the audio in Just Press Record, which is a fantastic iOS app. A couple edits in Audacity, and posted to Dropbox. I’ll need to figure out a better hosting option. Thanks @cdevroe for the tip about Control Center.


  • Now that I’ve committed to micro.blog and my old website as the domain name, I am leaving my previous writing sort-of abandoned on Where the Light Gathers. Maybe I’ll move it over, or figure out that .htaccssesserssssasas (that’s the correct spellling, right?) trick to forward it all. Maybe, someday.

    Or not. A fresh, clean slate is kinda nice to be honest.

  • I gave a talk on Leadership for Animators (and other creative people too) for the AniMAtic Boston group last week. You can find them on FaceBook on thier public group page.

    The premise of the talk is that there’s a lack of good leadership in animation related businesses, and I have some thoughts I wanted to share on that based on my successes and (many) mistakes as a leader in those areas.

    Here’s the presentation (pdf, includes speaker notes), if anyone is interested.

  • I’ve gone back to my roots. After switching blogging platforms and moving my blog to several different domain names, I’m just going back to where it all started. With the ability to long form post here on micro.blog, the great community that’s building here, and the indy web movement, I’ve decided to just post it all on chadmoore.net with micro.blog as my blogging platform.

    I’ve had this domain for years, and though about moving away from it, as there’s a photographer by the same name. In an effort to avoid confusion. But anyone who knows me online from my past life as an animator, and game developer remembers that url. I think the other Chad won’t mind. Our web presences are pretty different.

  • Rob Hope posted a nice note on Motivation. I fall on and off the wagon with what he’s mentioned in point 1 and 2 too much. I’m not doing enough of either of those items regularly right now. I need to get back on track with those.

    One of the other ways I find great personal motivation is sending a “thank you” note to people who are doing work I admire.

    I’m Grateful
    I have a great deal of respect for the independent technical & creative folks out there. I aspire to be a part timer in that space myself. I am inspired by the work of people who are working on their own terms and ideas. The good things they are putting out into the world show me that there are endless ideas.

    I’m grateful to them for showing what they’ve worked on, and when they discuss how they do their thing, I eat that up too. I try not to Compare their Backstage to my onstage, and It’s so uplifting and inspiring to see others succeed.

    So I tend to send a brief email or DM. Really nothing more than a “I like your work, and that thing you did with X really helped me do Y, thanks, have a great day”. More often than not, I don’t get a reply. But that’s not the point. It’s not about counting ‘Likes’ or ‘Followers’. It’s about expressing appreciation for someones hard work.

    Maybe they never read it. Maybe they did and didn’t have the time or inclination to reply. This isn’t something you can control. You can send these type of notes, and it uplifts you. Something about writing my feelings down really helps me express them better.

    There’s all kinds of science around the act of expressing gratitude.

    My reading indicates that expressing gratitude makes people stronger mentally and physically.

    Maybe the Beastie Boys said it best:

    Good times gone but you feed it
    Hate’s grown strong, you feel you need it
    Just one thing, do you know you?
    What you think, that the world owes you?
    What’s gonna set you free?
    Look inside and you’ll see
    When you’ve got so much to say it’s called gratitude
    And that’s right

    I am grateful that you took the time to read this.

  • What’s the best video conferencing tool for ad-hoc meetings, where two or more people just jump in live, without pre-scheduling and has screen sharing capabilities?

  • Today is going to be a good day.

  • Intersting webinar upcoming for applying Design Thinking to your every day work: mural.co/webinars/…

  • Been thinking of making a Markdown course. Curious to know how you all learned Markdown originally? Do youuse it just here on Micro.blog or where else?

  • Lots of clearing being done at Stratham Hill Park. Not sure if there was a fire, or other reason. Sadly there were too many wasp nests on the fire tower to climb. But a good short hike for the family nonetheless.

  • While at pet shop looking at hamsters.

    Me: man it takes a lot of those things to make a ham-sandwich

    Kids: gasp!

    Me: you kids don’t like my jokes, huh?

    Daughter: we would if they were funny

  • Gave my Leadership for Animators (and other creative people too) talk tonight. Good mix of students and working animators. Great questions from the crowd.

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