• Enjoying the ride

  • Great talk with a friend tonight. Solid ideas exchanged and built upon. I try to do these calls every six weeks. Been slacking for the last several months. Good to get going again. wherethelightgathers.com/e6w

  • An old military quote that (I beleive) applies to modern day project managment: My centre is giving way, my right is retreating, situation excellent, I am attacking.

  • It is beginning.

  • Getting ready for The Big Sick.

  • Im interested in microcasting. Any guides out there for newbs?

  • A friend is giving me some drawing lessons. This is where I’m starting. You have to make 1000 bad drawings before you make your first good drawing. This is my first bad one. :D

  • Interesting note on digital vs. analog note taking. I’m mostly digital, and tryng to find my way back to analog.


  • Overheard: Smoked salmon is the equivalent of fish bacon.

  • Last week I went to a cult-classic screening of the movie Aliens. I was curious if the film would hold up since it’s 30 years old. The action sequences were riveting not because of the spectacle (although there was spectacle) but because I actually cared about the characters.

  • Looking for online drawing courses for a beginner. Any suggestions?

  • I read a piece of advice recently that stated to write down something, anything, about the media that you’re consuming. I’ll likely read less but write more. That’s a trade off I’m willing to make.

  • First things first. The start of my articles for writers on mastering macOS & iOS.

  • chadgmoore.github.io/isles-cou…

    Count down the days until the friggin puck drops on the 2017 Islanders season. Reload for fun.

  • I found a really cool tool when looking for a way to export my Kindle highlights & notes. Bookcision is super easy and fast and works with the new read.kindle.com site.

  • I’ve read the books and am caught up on the show. I think the best thing to ever come from Game of Thrones is Key and Peele’s doorman sketch.

  • Apple proudly announced in 2013 that 7.4 trillion push notifications had been pushed through its servers. Turn them off!

  • date: 2017-07-18-07-22-30 Addicted to business. This is an important read as a reminder to myself, and something to reinforce to my kids.

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