A single drop of water on the stone

One drop of water landing upon a stone doesn’t do much to erode the stone. One drop of water, landing every minute of the day, for 100 years does. Building our single drops into repeatable process and practices is a challenge. How does one muster and sustain the self-motivation? Or avoid the guilt of missing a drop or a series of drops?

It’s not about not breaking the chain” as much as it is awerness and patience. And forgiving ourselves. Figuring out our own detractors from, and attractors to the process.

Too often the charlatans or the mislead of the world want to sell us things to increase the amount of drops, or additives to make the drops more powerful. Or things we can do in addition to the dropping of water to make the stone weaker. Does any of that ever work?

I’ve abandoned the practices of dropping the water on the stones for about a month. It has affected my physical and mental health. Consider this post my next single drop of water on the stone.